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Our Service

We do all kinds of medical billing with our experts and experienced certified medical billier

In today’s continually changing and increasingly complex healthcare environment, it is important for care providers to understand insurance verification for validating coverage, benefits, co-payments and deductibles.

Insurance Verification is one of the most important process in Medical Billing.
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Minimizes Claim Denials
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction
Patient Demographic Data Entry is a critical step that helps to avoid a lot of back-tracking and errors in the claims process. The task demands an eye for perfection and accuracy, as it determines the actual reimbursement of Healthcare Provider for the services rendered.
The key to a successful claim is getting all of a patient’s information right with accuracy which helps to avoid errors in the claims process as it determines the reimbursement of the healthcare provider which we strive to provide.
  • Affordable
  • Secured
  • Experienced

We help our customers achieve higher productivity, faster payments, decreased costs, and improved patient service.

Accounts Receivable Analytics

We monitor the performance of your Accounts Receivable KPI’s to discover deficiencies and process efficiencies to maximize collections.

Denials Analytics

We help you get a clear view of the lost revenue from unpaid claims, zero in on the top reasons for denials, and identify ways to improve your collections. We help you establish a sustainable denial prevention process.

Revenue Cycle KPIs

Benchmark your revenue cycle against market standards such as MGMA benchmarks and identify areas where you can improve.

We take care of all your medical billing needs. Our team contacts the provider’s office or the medical billing company if any information is incomplete or erroneous in case of any discrepancies, helping relieve you of worry.

Patient Enrollment

  • Demographic information
  • Insurance information


  • Insurance verifications
  • Authorizations

Billing and Reconciling of Accounts

  • Charge entry
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment posting
  • Import Documentation

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Denial Management
  • Patient collection
  • AR follow up and collections

Not everyone speaks the same way, not every transcriptionist is the same. It is our job to find the right person or team to transcribe for the physician. This means we will work on finding the right person with the correct expertise to make sure that the service we provide is absolutely perfect.

All transcriptions are checked by our QA team to make sure that the quality of the work is always maintained. Our service will provide you with several dictation options while maintaining safety and security.

Medical credentialing is a meticulous review process of a Healthcare Provider’s qualifications, including career history, education, training, residency and licenses, and any specialty certificates. Credentialing is done right before or when a provider is hired and it is critical that the information stays up to date.

We provide cutting edge solutions to healthcare professionals with outstanding inbound and outbound, voice, non-voice and e-commerce call center services as well as BPO services that help maintain the efficiency and professionalism of your business. Our services help generate revenue and increase profit at low operating costs. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and our clients’ success.


A medical account receivable refers to the outstanding reimbursement owed to providers for issued treatments and services, whether the financial responsibility falls to the patient or their insurance company.

Our special dedicated team has vast experience regarding this service and providing the best service with a smiling face to the health care provider and patient. 


Medical coding is the process of application of universal alphanumeric codes to the healthcare services rendered i.e., medical diagnosis, procedures, services, and equipment provided. A patient’s medical record i.e., documents such as physician’s notes, laboratory reports, and services lists, are used by a medical coder to ascribe the diagnosis and procedure codes. The process of medical coding involves abstraction of the medical information from the available documentation, assigning the right diagnosis & procedure codes, and enabling the process of creation of a claim to be submitted to payers.

We are now in the track to exploring medical coding service. 

Whenever a patient need treatment and service from health care provider they very first pick up the phone and call for desire service. Not only the patient, from patient to collection from insurance and maintain a good reputation call center is a crucial service. 

We providing call center service happily along with medical billing services. 

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