Pedesys is medical billing outsourcing company established in Bangladesh that provides all kinds of medical billing services including charge entry, revenue cycle management, Health care denial management etc. Its provides outsourcing services to a variety of medical professions, hospitals, emergency centers around the world. We use our number of in-house professionals, who are properly educated and exclusive members, to carry out every billing procedure that is suited to your specific needs. Our business services team collaborates with our clients' workforce to deliver remote BPO outsourcing and back office support services according to their working hours and days. To maintain data security, our business process operations are carried out through a secure VPN connection with our clients. So it is the right time to:

rely on us to take care of your medical billing with more sustainable and hassle free service without losing quality of service. 

Our Mission

Domino Disrupter

A way to change the way we change—a way to rethink how we think. Creating a pathway of limelight that brings disruptions into notion is our drive. Let us be the disrupter of change for a better future, bright tomorrow.

Our Vision

Sustainable integrity

A future where we can reimagine, rethink and recreate services that beam out waves of sustainable integrity. A future fit for everyone-a more versatile place.

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